A purely fun clan, this group of people care not of playing the game seriously, and whilst they do take part in fighting properly sometimes, most of the time they are messing about and having fun with each other, if you see a large quantity of Krems in the server cover your ears and prepare for the blasting sounds of "THE ENEMY IS INSIDE OUR BASE" or "STAND CLOSER TOGETHER" that break everybody's eardrums.

History Edit

Early Days (Greisenegg) Edit

In the beginning of June 2012, 2 HRE members PhilTheRapist_HRE & Dan_HRE created a new clan which would be mainly used as a side clan for their alts to troll and mess around. They called this clan Greisenegg, after a small Castle in Voitsberg, Austria.

3 days after the Clan was formed they were joined by old Friend and ex Kingdom of England clan member Felipe (Laufknoten). They used traditional Germanic first names with the tag von_Greisenegg and mainly played on the Siege Server. On the Siege Server they would wear matching Peasant Uniforms and form Shield Walls while repeatedly spamming Voice commands especially QFW (SHIELD WALL!) This was the beginning of what would become a future Krems trademark.

The response from fellow players was mainly negative, a lot of the time the 3 Greisenegg players would deliberately make Shield Walls in useless positions or throw themselves off Tall towers in Heroic Suicide Jumps. No new members joined and the trio continued playing in the same manner.

Krems is Born Edit

2 months later Burg Greisenegg was changed to the shorter and catchier name Burg Krems, another small castle also in the town of Voitsberg, Austria.

The trio continued playing for the next 6 months on most days mainly on siege, Phil (Polkafranzi) and Dan (Zottlmarsch) eventually playing as much with their Krems characters as their main HRE ones.

On the 6th February 2013 after Phil and Dan left HRE Krems was launched as a main clan, a clan thread was created and an attempted recruitment drive was begun.

5 days later Krems received their first proper recruit and a few days after that Krems received their 5th member, Leaky Sky, who would later become Hermann von Krems and one of the most important members to join the clan. By the start of March another 3 members had joined, including old friend from HRE Faridah. Krems now had 8 members and were beginning to get noticed as a normal clan, playing seriously more often than trolling and being seen more often at the top end of the scoreboard than the bottom.

2 more members joined soon after and then in mid April the 11th member joined,