Please try to avoid opnions and write only known facts.

Name a.k.a. Description
pogosan Silly person. Likes straw hats and throwing lances. Started Sad Hobo Guild.
Rest_in_Peace 2h kuyak + war mask fag, best 2hander in the empty room, huge kankerhoer, leader of the Sad Hobo Guild, in fact hes shit tbh
Cock_Blockula Daunt_Flockula, Kunt_Blockula Polearm Enthusiast. Throws war darts at you. Absolutely hates fagchers. Leads the Pixel Paladins.
Xesta also known as besta, she is second best to the mighty Ladodeadaedaedaoeaoa, the only unbeatable player in the server, however, in terms of actual players and not Gods, Besta is #1 player in the server.
Havelle The King in Chains: the real power behind cRPG internal politics, Iconic troll, The Knight of Friendship and Racism, Hero Shielder, tryhard all star, member of Frisitan. 20+ bans and going strong and Deserter_Merrrrica secret lover =)
Blizz_ member of KUTT, 2h/polearm hero
Killmax One of the most professional and experienced player of the servers,you might ask him anything about game and he will explain and teach u with his immense experience.
Spamwhore Best macro kurwa player in EU.
Bobthehero Swashbuckler, str build, always play in first person, hate French-Canadians
Rapo Trapo, Crapo, Rapeo, Fapo .
Deserter_Merrrrica Best Long Spear agi feg NA/EU. Deserted NA, joined EU, deserted EU and now lives in his mom's basement in a remote unknown isolated location. Trash talks a lot but has no skill to show for it. Havelle's boyfriend.
Afina lvl 37+ Full str build. One of the best dtv players. Usually wears red corrazina armor with chapel de fer.
LADOEA THE MIGHTY Ladoea, Yeldur, CAVALREE, INFANTREE Known to all as "God King" Ladoea is the best player in C-RPG, has won over 50,000,000 tournaments simultaneously and is married to Ilithyia <3==
Chumley Acre Fag One of the best players ever. Amazing at every build.
Cassi Antarctica, Kimi_Raikkonen Krems, 2h STR tincan level 37, EU Admin, you can find me on top of scoreboard, QGT
Screaming Idiot Retired autist artist, enjoying a relaxing lifestyle of filthy 1h/shieldplay and shitposting. Always wears a Phyrgian Helmet w/ Faceplate.
Arn Lots of different names with Arn in them A leader of The Kalmar Union and a former leader of the clan Phalangite. Plays all classes but mostly hoplite, horse archer and nodachi 2h hero. Likes yellow. Dont play eu4 with him.
Switch Switchtense Pokey-polearms. Head armour is for scrubs.
(Awesome)Hail Lol, Hail, Lmao Overall friendly guy, 24/7 stoned, likes unique shit equipment and loves hugs. Stan[d] closer together!
DaBirds Someone from the North Loves strenght builds, and will fuck you up if you get in his way, or at least he will try. He is relatively good at Strategus Battles, and he posts dank killstreaks of him rekting some scrubs.
Zottlmarsch Dan, Ottokar, Eberhart, Gottschalk, Hartnid, Juta, Mitzi & Uschi von Krems Co-Founder of Burg Krems Clan, Creator of Lederhosen & Beer Mugs!
Fuma Kotaro the_Duck Quack
PEPE something with PEPE inside of Pepe
Rider_of_Rohirrim Sandor_Clegane_,

something with Rohirrim

best QQ on EU servers, insults people 24/7, 2h abuser, medium/str builds blaming router in frankfurt for packet losts
Polkafranzi Minjy, Wulfing_von_Krems, Adelheid_von_Krems, Hildebrand_von_Krems Co-Founder of Burg Krems Clan
Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus is a bipedal carnivore with a massive skull balanced by a long, heavy tail. Compared to the large and powerful hind limbs, its forelimbs is small, but powerful for their size.
oguz oguz81



%100 not kapikulu and %100 not bashibozouk. really nice guy sometimes but can be real too
Bittersweet Bittersweet_von_Krems


Best QQ EUW, 2hand hero, Burg Krems fag, tryhard
Armpit_Sweat Perfection. Dominance. The ultimate in fighting biotechnology - four hearts allow for unparalleled speed and metabolism, fourteen fingers allow for a vice grip of six Newtons per square meter.
Sani _von_Krems of Krems
Porthos Pooptos Destroyer of panos, kitty lover
Perverz Barabe_
Saxton Cancer Is most known for betraying people in strategus for gold. Had an autoblock. Is super annoying in steam chat and on forums
Tristan of Erzoth Sorcerer_Tholamin/Tristan_Kadeths_Bitch swagmaster 420 and a professional plate faggot
Hetman Hateman Mastermind of every strategus round and of whole c-rpg, great leader of Grey Order.
Panos the_Trukslayer, the_bitch_of_Porthos
Shoky _the_Rat
Goldkick Amox_
Micah Micah_Senpai_von_Krems Glance_the_Useless_von_Krems Arielle_the_little_Mermaid
Pawiu iksbouizimod When you see guy with Winged Great Helmet, transitional armor with grey banner and poleaxe that must be he. Poleaxe master, 360/180 bonus of speed bonus, 2h hater.
Danior Life is Unbalanced - remember this Initiator, first charger, pusher, pike blocker, lifesaver, line holder, supporter, overhead abuser.

Deadly in teamfights.

"Autoblocker" without shield.

South aka CyganOo Play with Soul ! (c) eSuba.Hall.2001 for LIFE! most golden Harpag's CD-Key, most psychopatic serial killer, no FEAR CYGAN is HERE, keeeeeeel keeeeel kur*****a
Harpag One of Grey Order leaders, is in possesion of "The Golden Key" which allows him to summon countless minions in time of need in strategus
Ilithyia_von_Krems Frieda_von_Krems, Freya_von_Krems, Frauke_von_Krems Proud Krems. Known as Frieda by the oldfags, and as Frauke(prettiest girl EU) by newfags. Ilithyia went missing after she lost two of her sisters, Minjy and Mitzi. Some say she decided to live her life in woods with sorrow.
Bittersteel Tybalt_von_Krems, Edd_Hardwrench, Gullible_Twat Bittersteel, Tybalt. Where does the journey begin? One of the best players, if not THE best on the mod. Has won basically everything there is to win in native tournaments, has never lost a clan war when Bittersteel has participated in the battle on any mods OR native.